1. Indian Express-December 5th,1995- The vocal rendering Shri Sivaprasad was excellent and one could immerse in sheer joy and taste the sweetness of music emanating from his vocal chords.
2. Femina- October 8.1995 Sivaprasad sang with feeling and verve a most soulful music.
3. "Evocative Recital" as mentioned by Shri N Hariharan– The Times Of India, Mumbai 1st April 1993.
4. Nartaki– July 10,2015 "The music was composed was Sivaprasad and the original music of Gita Govinda was changed to suit the dance."
5. Matru Bhoomi 2015- Kalidasa's Shakuntalam was composed and rendered beautifully by NN Sivaprasad.
6. "Voice for Dancers" in the magazine Kerala in Mumbai.
7. DNA- Sanpada based Siva Prasad is the most sought after vocal artist for practically every dance performance in city.
8. Kerala in Mumbai March 2014 mentions.... "Sivaprasad’s mellifluous vocal support... enhanced the performance"